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This is the routine of the Cádiz players from home

first_imgCadiz yesterday suspended training at the Ciudad Deportiva so that footballers can comply with the quarantine at home and thus avoid risks of contagion from the coronavirus. But that does not mean that they will not have training routines. For this, Miguel Ángel Campos, physical trainer of Cádiz, has developed a work plan so that the players can follow it from their homes.Miguel Ángel has explained to the club’s official media what the routine imposed on the first team will consist of. “The training program that has been sent to the players consists of two different routines to perform one during the morning and another during the afternoon, so that you have activity during the day. The first routine that has been proposed is strengthening without material, since most players do not have materials at home. Upper and lower body exercises with longer recoveries. In the afternoon it is jump and landings, with an interval proposal with a more metabolic objective so that they can work with higher cardiovascular content with strength content “.Regarding the main physical problems that can cause not training normally, the coach says that if the hiatus lasted three weeks or more, it would be difficult to return to normal competition. “The main problem of not being able to train is detraining and maladjustment. This is what we are going to try to avoid with specific tasks. Knowing that there is going to be a level of detraining and maladjustment. If a week is extended it can be taken as a vacation break that we could assume. From there, everything that lasts will be a major problem. If we talk about stopping three or four weeks we would need a new preseason to return to compete with a minimum level of physical conditions and security to compete. “ Not everything is training, Food also plays a fundamental role, which is why Antonio Ballesteros, the club’s nutritionist, has established a diet for them to follow. “Players are recommended to consume some foods and other foods that may be harmful are discouraged. The nutritionist has sent a standard diet to each player and has advised them to weigh themselves every day, which is what they can best record daily. ”Campos insists that it is important not to become sedentary, which is why he has recommended that players establish schedules, walk if they leave the house and not sit for long periods of time. “The most important thing is to establish a schedule that is more or less fixed and can be met. That we have a series of obligations. Players have been assigned one job in the morning and another in the afternoon to prevent a greater part of the One day they may be inactive. If we have to go home, then they should go on foot and not be at home all the time. “Miguel Ángel insists that it is important to perform mobility exercises to maintain physical shape, “It is a routine that has to be done several times a day as we have proposed to soccer players. Also materials-free activation exercises, for both upper and lower body self-loading with shorter recovery times. For those players who have material, more exercises will be implemented. ”last_img read more

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Woman poisons husbands underwear in murder attempt

first_img“Genital rotting” isn’t a phrase anyone ever utters because things are going well, unless maybe it’s to announce that the process has been reversed. Or maybe as part of an apology for a horrendous misdiagnosis. Why the talk about genital rotting? Because for one extremely unfortunate husband in China, that’s what happened when his wife tried to off him. Causing his privates to rot wasn’t necessarily part of her plan — she just wanted him dead and planned to poison him. It’s the way she delivered the poison that led to the grisly side effect.See, she didn’t slip trace amounts of poison in his drinks for weeks or hide it in his shampoo or toothpaste. This devious black widow devised a rather different way to deliver doses of paraquat, a commonly-used herbicide, to her husband. She soaked his underpants in it and dried them in the sun.Think of it as the murderous wife’s take on the old Bengay-in-the-jock-strap gag, only replace the intense burning and irritation with even more intense burning and irritation, coupled with a three-week stay in the intensive care unit.The 50-year-old husband noticed that he was having some difficulty breathing, but it’s a safe bet that the situation down south was the real motivator for his trip to the emergency room. Given the air quality in China, would a little respiratory distress really strike you as odd? Not so much. But a pantsload of putrid privates? Yeah, it’s time to seek medical help.Emergency Underpants courtesy Archie McPheelast_img read more

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