Month: August 2017

Grassroots webmaster do Wangzhuan you lack of execution or otherWebmaster discussion Wangzhuan must

What is the

, here the author says in Wangzhuan execution, is actually a kind of decision-making ability, operation force you, as you optimistic about this project, so you want to do, to put it into action, don’t just stand on the shore watching, don’t listen to what others say the project is very difficult, you do not give up half so that we will not earn money online. Because we don’t have the power to do it, it’s hard to find something to make money. After all, you can’t keep on doing something. You can’t keep it up, read more

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Brilliant weight of old domain name two see forum signature

also today also want to say is a new discovery! BBS signature links weight is really being diluted. Because I’m now on the railway station, there are dozens of stations and more! Because no way Yiyi write soft Wen to promote, so look for some before high weight Forum (such as outdated, A5) resources with signature to reply to the way to increase the chain! But the effect is not ideal, only two and a half years the flow of the station is close to one thousand, the other in between dozens of hundreds of flow around! Which illustrates the forum signature weight diluted a lot! Because last year I mainly do stand is to do with the forum signature, not to do Links, ranking is very competitive, but this does not work. Of course! I could be back, but last year in the high weight jar add a signature reply five hundred or six hundred posts, the ranking is also ow. read more

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From seven aspects to analyze the key words of competition

bidding number

search results

according to the judgment the degree of competition is not the search results, we according to a plurality of data to know the degree of competition, keywords, we use the degree of competition on the other hand according to the keywords, I intitle: search results to derive the data to determine the keywords competition strength.

a Shanghai dragon ER in Shanghai Longfeng do optimization of time must know how to analyze the degree of competition keywords, the degree of competition analysis is an important link of the website optimization, as if a Shanghai dragon Er don’t understand how to analyze competition degree of key words, did not understand the Shanghai dragon people in Shanghai dragon industry many such people are to do with the feeling of Shanghai dragon isn’t reliable. So, the webmaster for the web site keywords positioning, must give the keywords competition degree are analyzed, so as to quickly get good rankings, there is a saying in Shanghai dragon industry, "than to choose". Below I will explain how to analyze the degree of competition in specific keywords, this is we supply as a reference, the reference to the site can really determine the key words. read more

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Analysis of plan Pyramid sprocket strategy sprocket 30 stations

chain Figure topic! This is a

third, the flow of the sprocket. The whole process in the clockwise circulation in each weight subdivision of the case, will be within the group set to a power return to the site, and by a site will be increasing the weight to the next station group; in the weight increase in each group at the same time, by two independent sites to complete the chain weight increasing to master.

I in the station quickly upgrade mentioned Pyramid sprocket strategy love Shanghai ranked in the text, this set of stations showed a complete scheme of sprocket wheel to the principle of Pyramid, the higher the level, the weight is bigger, more can show the power station group. read more

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Love Shanghai new home on the line leading minimalism and intelligent trend of search

fell in love with the sea minimalist home on-line

to meet the needs of users, only need access to a search box, can get a variety of information aggregation intimate search, and intelligent people can connect with the service. For example, users search for "the Summer Palace" and other attractions, tourism Raiders, Goods are available in all varieties. crowding scenic, scenic maps, weather conditions and other scenic location; search for "Xun Zhou" movie star, Xun Zhou encyclopedia, pictures and video works even on the right side Everything is contained therein. information, intelligent recommendation can also show "Xun Zhou served as the 8 lover and" the relationship between the characters of romance. At the same time, in response to information above, minimalist search box can direct users demand, then search for songs "ordinary road", can be directly in the search results page and download songs, lyrics, and other intelligence services; when a user searches for "Beijing Shanghai", even if the input information is not complete, love can still direct Shanghai for Internet users to provide train tickets, flights consulting, check time, tickets and other integrated services; in addition, the minimalist search box to meet the "weather, traffic, Yaohao, express a single daily multi service case also be enumerated. read more

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How to use nofollow

will log in and collection connection using nofollow;

"link mainly to deliver Rank value, anchor value, the correlation value". For example, as long as the home page to the rank value, the inside pages is the main anchor points, based on the correlation value related website."

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical


second: paid advertising links, such as the Taobao customer connection. read more

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A qualified Shanghai Longfeng executives need to have what qualities


3, master of management: Shanghai Longfeng supervisor is a leading figure, since it is leadership, must manage staff management the author does not understand, but the feeling is to follow the old saying: "use", each Shanghai dragon optimization personnel strengths may be different, for example: some aspects in the construction of the chain. Some of the station are good at, and soft skills. Shanghai dragon head is like an army combat instructor, how to take your "soldiers", how to make good use of your "soldiers", is in charge of Shanghai dragon must think about. read more

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Detailed analysis of the limitations of the way out of Wangzhuan tutorialWeek of light 3 off my Taob

through the ability to make money, what do you mean? This ability includes skills, including technical thinking. If you have proficiency in a particular line can be through the use of their own, then the skills to meet the needs of others to make money.

Hello, I am bars, net is super pianerjing. The effect of the last article is very hot. Many friends and my friends have asked me for experience. At the request of you, in this next article, I will combine my personal experience, specific analysis of ideas and skills to make money online. Don’t talk much. Let’s begin: read more

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Just found The latest free to help you promote the search engine Webmaster will grab the good Dong

recently in the Internet Co in the teeth of the storm while the investor continues, propaganda, capital is not winter; on the other side, entrepreneurs collective rebellion, with the way they respond to investor’s propaganda.

to cut customer demand, cut school cables,

then, the house on behalf of washing CEO Guo Chaoyu issued a statement, saying that this is a team of public relations planning, in order to win public attention and support, the previously described wire cutting behavior is not the fact. Cutting wires is just a PR plan, or it’s really something, we can’t be sure, but for the sake of selfish desire and moral bottom line in disregard, such people also deserve to lead the team, read more

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Senior practitioners talk about the sea Amoy each node has entrepreneurial opportunitiesDG division

The The


– "pulse function rhino star App

editor’s note for cross-border electricity supplier import industry, many people are eagerly waiting to see, want to get a slice from here, but I do not know where to start, but I do not know how deep the water. Whether it is increasingly clear policy, or more and more service optimization, many positive factors, but compared to the domestic electricity supplier, the maturity of the entire industry is still far from enough. Imports of electricity supplier supply chain, customs clearance, logistics and other links are divided into many nodes, it seems complicated and cumbersome, but it is these nodes for practitioners to see the opportunities and potential. read more

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