Civil aviation service summit business in Chengdu

people travel in advance will buy tickets, and now people will choose to buy tickets online, can bring great convenience to people’s lives. The third civil aviation service summit held in Chengdu. According to the disclosure, China Air Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as IATA) in the internet ticket sales last year to carry out special rectification activities, where to go, Ctrip online travel platform handled four illegal enterprises 91, 39 enterprises cleaning agent.

Air Association in 2016 to carry out a period of 9 months of internet ticket sales special rectification activities. Where to go, Ctrip, Ali and travel way with four big online travel platform, not only to regulate the sale of their own behavior, but also to engage in the business of ticket sales on the basis of monitoring and verification of sales agents, conduct the access qualification. In addition, the remediation activities to a certain extent, to clarify the responsibility relationship between the platform and agents.

"after renovation, increase sales, online ticket refund change fees etc. phenomenon has been significantly decreased, sale agent market is basically stable and orderly, overall more standardized than before." Chuyang said.

in March 17th this year, the Association announced on its official website, "on the implementation of the" civil aviation service quality standards "special action on the implementation of the notice in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "). "Notice" clear, according to the relevant provisions of the civil aviation bureau, from April 1st to December 31st in the whole industry to carry out quality of service specification special action.

"notice" pointed out that as a further improvement of the sales agent industry ticket service…… Improve the quality of ticket service, continued to carry out this year, 2017 internet ticket sales special rectification action.

for people to travel, if you want to buy tickets, will choose to buy in the major platform, because the product’s virtual, so many times, so many consumers suffer. Although the market norms, but the online ticket market has reached a breaking point. Relevant statistics show that in 2015 China’s online ticket booking scale has reached about 340 billion yuan, accounting for more than market share accounted for more than 70%, the Internet has become the main channel of ticket sales.

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