A dozen square meters of the monthly income of one hundred thousand of the amazing secret fish shop

you should be familiar to fish, many people love to eat fish balls, fish balls made of fresh Q, simple, delicious taste, has become a favorite delicacy street. But there is a fish shop in the Zhanjiang area, a dozen square meters, selling 3.5 yuan a bunch of fish balls, monthly turnover is more than 100 thousand yuan. More and more difficult to do in business today, this is called "a tiny area" fish shop, why can forge a myth of wealth?

tips: quality assurance to win reputation

"a tiny area" as Zhanjiang’s first fish snack is a time-honored fish "". The store opened more than ten years but the customer still has a special liking, it is because of here still delicious fish, ten years after the quality. Shop staff said, "diet, good reputation is very important, a twenty hundred, the store business nature." Fish shop direct delivery from the manufacturer, to ensure the quality of fish balls, the cook day sell, never sell overnight fish, ensure each fish taste. Stable product quality, won an excellent reputation as "a tiny area".

and open at the other snack bar around the school, "a tiny area" of the business has not been the impact of holidays. The owner introduced, although the summer and winter holidays around the school when students leave school, but the fish shop customers through word of mouth, the guest guest does not reduce the number of guests, so it is busy all year round.

two tips: small stores pulling large income

is different from the catering seat of the snack bar, "a tiny area" store layout using small, square style shop, do not provide any dining table chairs. This is because early in the shop before, "a tiny area" merchant visits in Hongkong, the local fish shop stores are very small, and will adopt the sales model, so the choice of small shop area, save the rental shops, reduce operating costs. Do not provide table service, not only reduce the store procedures, labor costs are greatly reduced.

also, unlike other fish food, easy to pack away. The guests queuing to buy fish in front of the window, Grab-n-Go, takes less than a minute. Only one or two staff in the store. When the guests are more, one is responsible for cooking, one is responsible for sales, and sometimes one can cook while selling.

no labor costs, the daily turnover simply remove the product cost and rent, is pure profit. Fish shop owner said, not affected by seasonal, monthly sales situation is more stable. According to the daily average flow calculation, per hour, about 50 – 60 guests guest consumption, the average consumption of 10 – 20 yuan, according to the daily business for 10 hours, "a tiny area" fish shop month turnover of more than 100 thousand Yuanjian

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