Marathon during the 4 year old boy close to Wuhan police on duty to send ginger tea

these days the Wuhan marathon in like a raging fire, brought more people to pursue, to win more attention, become the ideal sports event, the hearts of the public but at this time, little not the police went to maintain security. In Wuhan Wuchang Hongshan Road and East Lake Road intersection, several dozens of police and security in Marseille on Chinese outside of a middle-aged woman, with a little boy sent ginger, a move to warm the hearts of everyone.

6:30 yesterday morning, Wuhan Wuchang Lake Street fruit police station deputy director Shen Donghui, led 5 police and more than 50 security personnel on duty at Hongshan Road and East Lake Road intersection, to maintain the competition order over-the-counter hummer.

despite the thin clothes, they are still stuck in the wind and rain, not the slightest slack. Around 9, a middle-aged woman with an umbrella, carrying a bottle of water and a pile of plastic cup, with a little boy came over to the two.

middle aged woman said to the little boy, "do you have anything to say to the police?" Shen Donghui thought that the two men came to ask the way, squatting down patiently asked the boy if he needed help. The little boy said sheepishly: "uncle aunt you cold, we give you cooked ginger soup……"

little boy and woman’s action, warm the police on duty here, so that people feel ginger tea warm. Everyone was deeply moved, drink ginger soup, warm heart. About half an hour later, there was a man carrying two bottles of water to come over, saying that it is not enough to see the drink just sent, and cook a little. Afterwards, deeply touched Shen Donghui WeChat circle of friends, lamented the "wind and rain in the horse can be so beautiful, thank friends and family".

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