A pair of shoes made Longhai entrepreneurial life

business opportunities for the most time is so wonderful, a simple thing, a very modest13, probably can be used as a starting point of your business, so as to help you to develop business life, while Longhai is with a pair of shoes made his business life!

1980 was born in Hunan Province, Longhai City Lou bottom of an ordinary peasant family, and so the local children, he grew up in the first pair of shoes is wearing mother handmade cloth shoes. In his years of reading, always the mother’s shoes have been accompanied by him. At that time, the shoes are basically white black. Don’t look so good, often see the classmates wearing polished boots, Longhai vowed to earn a lot of money to buy a pair of shoes you most love the future, no longer wearing black shoes. But he did not expect that the end of this small cloth shoes, even changed his life.

2001 after graduating from college, he became a high school teacher. For ordinary people, this is a very good job, but his body seemed to have a factor of young people restless, let him restless, always eager to open another window of fate. At the same time he was a teacher, he had a lot of ideas such as opening a restaurant, opening a bookstore, etc., but eventually gave up for some reason, but his desire for wealth and career has never been weakened.

"80 yuan a pair, when the numbers passing in his mind when he immediately know sensitive wealth the door has been open to him. In the spring of 2006, he came to Beijing to travel here, walking in the street, she was surprised to find a lot of people in the street wearing cloth shoes. Beijing has always been keen fashion people like wearing shoes. "Why are there so many people wearing cloth shoes in Beijing?" Longhai curiously asked the students in Beijing.

"the shoes can raise foot, wear very comfortable, is Beijing’s most love shoes, especially more rich people more love to wear." Curiously he asked about the price, but when he heard that this seemingly ordinary shoes in Beijing to sell to 80 yuan a pair, she really can not believe — 80 yuan in Lou bottom can buy more than and 10 pairs of shoes. In the Zuofuyouan store, he carefully appreciate these shoes, found on the upper top with a few patterns. As a result, the original plan to stay in Beijing for seven days in Longhai will be extended their own itinerary for three days.

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