At the end of March Fuzhou housing provident fund utilization rate has reached 108%

to work in general units will pay housing provident fund, but in real life can really use the money? Recently, the housing provident fund in Fuzhou has been a good use of a loan rate has reached 108%, we look at the following.

from the Fuzhou housing provident fund management center was informed that, as of the end of March this year, Fuzhou housing provident fund management center utilization rate has reached 108%, which means that the first 3 months of Fuzhou provident fund in overload state.

reporter found, nearly a year to Fuzhou provident fund loans loan rate is about 90%, from December 2015 onwards is the 4 consecutive month of more than 100%. In fact, for the fund pool tight situation, this year, Fuzhou has made the appropriate policy adjustments.

3 months Fuzhou housing provident fund management center by inviting bidding with ICBC, CCB, bank and other three commercial banks signed a 2 billion yuan financing credit agreement, intends to finance 1 billion yuan this year to meet Fuzhou paid employees provident fund loan demand; April 15th, Fuzhou housing provident fund management center "to suspend the business to business.

Fuzhou fund is still running smoothly. At the same time, the current application for provident fund loans in Fuzhou, as long as the material is complete, from the approval of the loan period is short for 2 months, a long period of 3 months, compared to last year, there is no significant extension of the situation.

for the use of provident fund and relevant laws and regulations in the future will gradually improve. So that the majority of the people to buy housing provident fund, can be used in the actual life is king, pay the fund has a real meaning.

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