Shanghai winter training institutions the bustling business

holiday is the rest of the children, but now the society is not only adults do not rest, the children are busy, we look at the social status quo! During the winter vacation, school specializing in training institutions of primary and secondary school students and preschool children, like playing chicken, hot class size make people wonder: do not take the child was? At the same time, when the outgoing training institutions or Juankuan closed or qualification in doubt and other negative news, more lament: the children’s extracurricular lessons have really become Jiuzhibuyu disease? Where is the problem? Where is the administrative department of education?

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yesterday, a reporter walked into huminlu southern business building, the first feeling is calm, parents are very difficult to here is not thick chicken flavor infection. Floor indicator chart shows that in the 13 storey commercial building, all kinds of primary and middle school students in training institutions for 21: education, English, mathematical thinking training, training, general one to one, writing, painting, music, chess…… In addition to sports projects, almost all the parents want to get training programs in the market, where you can buy one-stop. The training institutions are less than a classroom, many are distributed in 6 floors.

tutorial in various institutions in consultation with the circle, the reporter found that, in addition to the 7 day of the Spring Festival holiday, all the training institutions basically every day as usual and hot spring class, already empty seckill.

"the child’s ability to learn 50% is laid before the age of 5, before the age of 80% before the age of 12, and after the age of learning and the ability to carry out the development of neural s will gradually weaken or even stop! Therefore, only once in childhood, education is a race against time!" This is the 5 floor of an early education institutions in their leaflets on the advertising. In the face of the reporter’s advice, the front desk girl smiled, your child 2 years old, ah, a little late, we have the smallest baby here in the past 6 months!"

6 floor, a well-known English training institutions class time, the parents of the small stool filled the corridor. 1 year old little sister dance with sister class about seven or eight years old boy; mother in command, kengchikengchi drag the heavy bag, out of the elevator to the classroom time; a bespectacled girl just after the fourth grade "four" course, and dad walked out of the classroom. "Do not remember when to start the class, for several years, and now the level of the primary school can be counted!" The girl’s father told reporters. What to see at the beginning of a small rise, of course, is to see who’s more certificates! Whether it is a new concept, SBS, 3E, learning what is not important, the purpose is to test out a certificate!" Advisory side of the reporter to popularize the common sense, while sympathetic to say, you do not report what classes are now, ah, really enough to support……"

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