LAN Po Wan old duck soup brand

how old is old duck soup? Is it possible for us to join the old duck soup? I would like to know the old duck soup, please see below. LAN Po Wan old duck soup soup thick white as creamy and not greasy. Rich in collagen, bone calcium and other ingredients, nourishing spleen, fitness for praiseworthy for many nutritionists, set delicacy health, nourishing traditional folk, diet as a delicious food. LAN Po Wan old duck soup to simmer soup pot old original art, unique first soup, eat meat again, rinse dishes as well as legend mode, hundred years coveted formula cheats, and the traditional ancient law has always adhered to the one pot, a pot of soup, stew the soup simmer for 4 hours, Hot pot different with other single rinse dishes , so monotonous Hot pot become brilliant, is a perfect feast.

LAN Po Wan old duck soup, duck in a year as raw material, secret recipe preparation of LAN Po Wan self research and development, has hundreds of years of history, and ten kinds of natural herbs, the whole duck simmer for four hours, the duck stewed and nutrition, fragrant smell, and smell drunk. Duck rotten and not broken, the entrance is not soft cotton, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons are filling. Often drink duck soup, nourishing yin and Yang, longevity, known as men’s gas station, a woman’s beauty salon.

after 13 years of practice and improve the pattern of cuisine LAN Po Wan old duck soup has changed from the original single old duck soup into soil pot Yang Xiezai soil pot, old duck soup, wild mushroom, soil pot pot soil, soil pot of fresh fish bone stick five soup Victor Wong world. Five Soup for the soul, rinse dishes include all food hunsucai, is the life of four, four million, rich variety of dishes, eat the myriads of changes, taste rich and colorful, wherever you go, with all local tastes and eating habits are up to the people of the world like the perfect realm.

the old duck soup is so charming, duck with high protein and low fat people like, its rich B vitamins and vitamin E, both men and women have very strong. Eat healthy and delicious, wealth and opportunities, old duck soup Hot pot, popular in Hubei, Sichuan Province, has 500 years of tradition, in the late Qing Dynasty entered the palace, after being swept across the country to carry forward.


above is just a brief introduction to the LAN Po Wan old duck soup of this brand, if you’re interested to join the brand, want to know more information please join in our website, see the message after message below the consultation, we will reply you in the first time.

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