Open a hot shop to make customers easy shopping

how can a shop up? This plays a decisive role in the natural factors are very much, in which the customer shopping environment is also very easy to play a very big role. In short, do not use the premises as a warehouse for goods. The commodity code in the stores, the shelves of goods can not see, and walk in the way, when business is good, customers can’t turn around, don’t be awkward? You said, in such a crowded environment, customers can hold a relaxed mood to buy goods?

allows customers to have a relaxed shopping environment, which is good business, to bring customers a good mood. We have many customers, random purchase originally is very strong, but because of you, here the place is narrow, give people a sense of oppression, customer psychological impact, hurry, hurry, in addition to the purchase of goods, they will hold the mentality of leisure to see other goods not italy.

retail store is what? In addition to the sale of goods, should be a place of entertainment, in order to achieve popularity, Hui people, you must first be here to retain customers, let the customer more easily, to relax and feel good, they can come again next time. If your shop is too crowded, and customers because of hustle and make a heart, when you say people can be in a good mood?

so, in order to allow customers to easily shop, then we retail counterparts do the following:

is a spacious store. Don’t put the goods piled in the shop, unless you here is not on the level of small grocery stores, a total of "big ass", otherwise, you will also want to put some small commodities out of considerable space, customers around the large space, will allow the customer to mental relaxation, less fortification the spacious room can also allow customers to see a lot of goods, rarely affected by sight.

two is to retain customers. Retain customers can bring wealth. Therefore, we should put the stores as a customer of leisure, a place to stay, so customers in leisure, when to rest, can take the goods they need to take home. Instead of the other way around, it’s to buy something, take a break. I shop outside the shop, there is a normal mahjong every day, cards, chess games, and now the competition is very fierce retail stores, an inattentive, the business will be able to slip away. In my shop around, big shopping malls, supermarkets, there are several, as well as those in the streets and alleys of the store, you do not spend a little thought, want to open the shop which can easily.

three is to make the customer happy and satisfied. First of all to warm hospitality, as the saying goes, "a man without a smiling face Hugh shop", you are the shop management service consumers, put themselves as waiters, guest sincere, do not deceive, do not scold people; secondly to do brand introduction. Customer demand

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