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Japanese style cooking brand in recent years in China’s food and beverage industry is a relatively fire investment investment projects, because the brand characteristics, Japanese food brands are very popular with investors. Select the project is a very troublesome thing, it is necessary to recommend small series. Today, Xiao Bian recommended for you peach House Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine:

peach House Japanese restaurant, Taipei city in the district is Japanese Restaurant moo moo, formerly known as the Republic of China 60 years of Sino Japanese joint venture will be the king of Japanese cuisine (kaiseki cuisine), in 71 years after relocation was officially renamed peach house in Japan, it has more than 42 years shop. To maintain the habit of strict selection of ingredients, for the public sector, corporate groups to specify the order of the Imperial Japanese bento. Peach House Japanese restaurant is located in Taipei City, 62 West Street, Ningbo, to provide consumers with delicious Japanese cuisine, you are welcome to taste Japanese cuisine.

peach House Japanese restaurant brand introduction

Japanese samurai armor

Japanese Restaurant – Peach house in the store has two floors with a total of 112 loci (1F, 2F) with the box, and type of rooms and lounge. In addition to the traditional Japanese menu, you can also provide a variety of regular food combinations for you to choose from.

peach House Japanese style takeout and delivery service for more than 40 years, exquisite large gift box packaging, widely favored by various agencies. Bento features: a number of Japanese imports of food, rich in content, exquisite, weight foot. For your convenience, as a conference meeting banquet lunch boxes, lunch, decent and generous. And wind 120 yuan to $135, Japanese style $150 to $500 (



cooked food, hot food, cold food, pasta, single point food feast. More than 250 single point dishes, 50 kinds of food combination, provide you a variety of food choices.

restaurant consumption instructions:

peach House Japanese restaurant business hours, 09:00am am to 09:30pm pm.

shop to eat meal time, lunch 11:00am~02:00pm, dinner 05:00pm~08:30pm.

restaurant Hugh: New Year’s Eve, Tomb-sweeping Day ~ fifth day, Dragon Boat Festival and the mid autumn festival. Annual equipment maintenance notice.

restaurant menu is divided into fixed food (package), a single Japanese cuisine.

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