Diet nutrition crispy duck what are the conditions for joining


diet nutrition crispy duck? In fact, the choice of business engaged in the food industry, has been very choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. How to join the diet nutrition crispy duck? Worthy of our trust and choice, it is worth joining!

is the first to introduce the diet nutrition crispy duck franchise.

1, dedicated, keen on the food industry.

2, identity of Datang crispy duck business culture, to cooperate with headquarters, headquarters management, market operation.

3, consciously safeguard the image and interests of Datang crispy duck.

4, law-abiding, standardized management.

after the diet nutritious fragrant crisp fish to join conditions, let’s take a look at it to support:

1, unified action plan unified store image, uniform dress, unified management model, unified advertising, unified technical formula, unified cash register system, unified brand licensing.

2, advertising support program headquarters in the major media advertising turns, straight "downtown" to "city people known to every family, even woman and children all know.

3, follow the guidance plan after the opening of stores, headquarters will be guided to assess sampling meal such as price, quality, service, health, environment, business and so on regularly, and to provide guidance, let franchisees have a real sense of belonging


healthy delicious food, always bring the protagonist halo, always very attractive. Join the diet nutrition crispy duck is good? An open their own diet nutrition crispy duck stores, the shop is made! What are you hesitating about?

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