Shop three details of what

it’s an easy thing to have the idea of a shop. However, if you want to put this idea into practical action, the various problems will be difficult to imagine. In short, if you want to successy set up shop, you need to pay attention to a variety of details. Among them, there are three important details. So, what are the details of the three shops?

site to pay attention to the details: for the shop, the place is king. Good location has many things in common, such as population mobility, downtown area of the downtown area, convenient transportation, so choose a good place to have the following 7 conditions: 1 crowd flow: ordinary, holiday and Sunday night, the proportion of people. 2 car flow: car, motorcycle traffic. 3 transport hub: current and future may increase or decrease transport tools.

4. road width, size: single lane, two-way road and parking problem. 5 regional characteristics: business situation, competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions and cultural and educational facilities, leisure facilities, etc.. 6 population survey: the population, the proportion of men and women, consumption habits, etc.. 7 District Survey: the main and secondary business area, rent, price.

brand naming details: great brand naming and environment, customer composition, cultural and economic atmosphere, local customs, such as the name of "Hakka king" if the south in the North may not be called. Usually, the name to avoid using words to be popular, easy, clear, conform to the customer psychology, can read catchy.

daily business model details: business shop is difficult, easy and easy. Therefore, the characteristics and affection is the two trick shop. Although there are hypermarkets, supermarkets grab, force, Wai, many of the miscellaneous loan shops can still hold a party position". Store has its own advantages, give play to this advantage, the store can be a good open, open for a long time.

although the shop will be involved in the success of the very much, but if the above three points are not considered in place, which makes the operation of the store will undoubtedly be greatly affected. So, if you want to start a successful business shop, the above mentioned in the text of the details of the three points we need to pay attention to oh.

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