nto a major event which requires the whole means

in the daily life of many people in order to achieve some purpose often use some means, for entrepreneurs, want to succeed in business, also need to have some means, each man means things are not the same, can say that a man is a means, a person will have a means to rely on their own the way to success. Countless facts show that some people are too confident, miss their own means to confirm the solution to any problem, but I do not know this is often not to play any role. Therefore, they always feel that the goal is not getting closer and closer, but in fact more and more far.

means is the guarantee of success, there is no means of actions and plans must be less than the level of a, Sun Wukong and the devil, by what? Relying on his seventy-two means; "air" Jordan NBA shook the stadium by what? Relying on his flexible, dribbling, flying with blue means. In one word, no way, you never eat less sweet success.

means come from? For those great men, they are good at summing up themselves, reflect on their own, to find their own, Bishijiuxu, life – what do what strengths and cannot do what, and pay the actual action. This process is to establish their own means of a major event. Do not understand this, a person will always go in the wrong direction.

Nine methods:

1, dare to decide to overcome the habit of hesitation

2, the challenge of weakness – completely change their flaws

3, breaking through the plight of the success of the capital from the failure of

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