One hundred and fifty thousand exam papers online review marking the entrance will be completed in 2

According to the provincial admissions committee arrangements, this year the province’s general college entrance examination online marking work continues to be undertaken by the Qinghai Normal University, which is the seventh consecutive college to undertake this work. The entrance to the interests of thousands of households, the matter of education fairness and the future and destiny of our students, marking the work as one of the most important link, seriousness is safe, orderly, scientific operation directly affect the college entrance examination. Therefore, on the basis of summing up the previous work experience of Qinghai Normal University, and constantly improve all aspects of the current online marking work smoothly.

in order to ensure the normal grading work smoothly, the school established by the vice president as head of the leading group consists of Chinese, mathematics, foreign languages, arts comprehensive (including history, geography, politics), Science (Physics, chemistry and Biology), Tibetan language, mathematics, integrated science (including Tibetan Tibetan history and geography Tibet, integrated science and Biology) (including physical, chemical and biological) seventeen, marking the group, set up the discipline supervision group, network security group, arbitration group, security group, logistics group, the contact group, the office of the seven support group, the arbitration group is composed of experts in various disciplines, mainly for ruling on the subject of marking the group identified the same volume, doubtful justice answer, the subject group after review is still questionable answer for review, to ensure the accuracy of decision marking.

in order to ensure the quality of marking team, strictly abide by the three teachers and candidates relatives avoidance system, the selection of the school has more than mid-level titles and teaching experience of the backbone of teachers to participate. This year the volume of about 284 people participating teachers (70 Chinese, English 40, mathematics 37, science 68, arts comprehensive 33 people, 36 people, including Tibetan subjects) 35 middle school teachers, for marking teacher ratio is 13%. To ensure the quality of marking, marking the first to carry out the work skills training, including disciplinary requirements, marking standard, technical ability, and the teachers and the college entrance examination marking marking of each signed undertaking.

this year, the province a total of 152628 copies of the English college entrance examination papers (37676 copies, 32549 copies, the Chinese mathematics 9661, mathematics 22888, integrated 9661 copies, 9661 copies, 5010 copies of the science, the Tibetan and Tibetan Tibetan mathematics 3869 mathematics 1141 copies, 3869 copies, Tibet Tibetan comprehensive science 1141. Qinghai Normal University for online marking specially equipped with 7 rooms, 400 computer. The implementation of the whole closed, marking the site monitoring, staff posts system.

marking, marking each subject group in a fair and impartial, scientific, accurate and objective principle, earnestly agreed specifications, detailed rules, standards, to emphasize the links and marking program. Marking the office of the leading group for daily on-site inspections, timely solve the problem. Provincial admissions and normal university leaders visit condolences, marking the on-site inspection work, to understand the views of teachers marking. At present, marking the work smoothly, is expected at the end of the marking work 20 days before.


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