Qinghai youth culture and Art Festival ended successfully

11 6 April, sponsored by the Communist Youth League of Qinghai to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army and the first Qinghai Youth Culture Festival Closing ceremony held in Xining, the 18 departments organize youth activity centers and efforts, which lasted 9 days of the festival activities ended, activities covering six States, nearly 10000 people participate in activities. Director of the provincial Commission for the care of the next generation of work, the first honorary chairman of the Qinghai youth culture and Arts Festival, announced the closing of the.

the cultural and Arts Festival by the performance of literary and artistic performances, live games, cultural and artistic exchanges, observation activities, forums and other projects. Activities to take online and offline synchronization, set up theatrical performances, competitions, forums and theme activities of the four categories. The closing ceremony of the Arts Festival announced the collection of logo logo and mascot winners awarded the certificate. As the first Qinghai youth culture festival due to extensive social participation and innovation of the festival will model, high quality project operation, efficient management, not only laid a solid foundation for the next festival held successfully, more reflected in our province "to young people as the core of the construction of public cultural service system", Qinghai Youth Cultural industrialization way to explore other aspects of the progress of the confidence and power.


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