Kumbum Monastery is about to usher in the development of a great scenic spot an interview with Zh

in the whole province to seriously study and implement the spirit of the eighteen and the twelve provincial Party Congress spirit of the occasion, the people in the province to promote the "three zone" strategy, implementation of the "two new" goal when Kumbum Monastery successfully won the national 5A scenic spot, and became the only one 5A Tibetan Buddhist temples, even Japan, Huangzhong County under this dance for joy. Reporters in the interview Huangzhong county magistrate Zhao Ningjun, he was pleased to say that Kumbum Monastery is at the top of the national 5A level scenic spots, which is the development of tourism in our province of the event, for promoting the construction of demonstration area of national unity and progress, develop the tourism market, accelerate the transformation of the advantages of tourism resources, tourism to the economic advantages of radiation is of great practical significance to coordinate the development of county economy.

when it comes to change and create the Kumbum Monastery 5A level scenic spots, Zhao Ningjun said, the establishment of the Kumbum Monastery scenic area and county development planning, infrastructure construction, tourism service function, tourism environment, tourism image has been greatly promoted, scenic economic and social benefits are increased. If successful, get further enhance the visibility and competitiveness of scenic spots, which will attract more entrepreneurs to invest in this piece of land in Huangzhong, will lead the Huangzhong modern service industry, tourism products and a series of industry development and prosperity.

said Zhao Ningjun for development planning, after the creation of Kumbum Monastery 5A tourism scenic spot in the success of the Kumbum Monastery, won the national 5A scenic spot, this is not the end point for us, but a new starting point, because of the scenic spot in the service of infrastructure construction, soft environment construction, market management, there is a certain gap, spirit of congratulations we will earnestly study and implement the Secretary of the Qiang Wei, so the next step forward, in strict accordance with the National Tourism Administration and the provincial and municipal tourism departments rectification, earnestly implement the measures, efforts to strengthen the scenic environment construction, comprehensively enhance the quality of tourism scenic spots, to the completion of the Kumbum Monastery patriotism model, culture and art treasure house, tourism the Holy land.

a scientific planning of scenic spots. The scenic spot is a systematic project planning ahead, seriously study the problems in the tourism infrastructure construction and other major scenic spots in the development, accelerate the improvement of Kumbum Monastery scenic area planning and the revision of the eight petal lotus cultural tourism industry park planning, tourist routes, to Kumbum Monastery scenic area traffic organization, large parking lot, tourism commercial pedestrian street, sun Buddha Taiwan square, landscape corridor, hotel and catering and entertainment development and construction plan, guide the scenic cultural tourism industry rapid and healthy development.

two to increase the intensity of project construction. Focus on the implementation of Qinghai Tibetan cultural creative industry park such as the office of the two phase of the project, the Kumbum Monastery suyouhua Museum expansion and other cultural tourism projects. Start four star hotel construction projects, the construction of large-scale ecological parking area, the opening of the tourist car, extend the cultural tourism industry chain.

three to explore the connotation of cultural tourism. The use of 5A platform for the role of scenic spots, in-depth excavation of Huangzhong’s rich ethnic and folk cultural resources, and actively support small and micro enterprises cultural tourism, promote the eight petal lotus";

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