Green color cold dust in Xining city of 13 main roads with winter green

Central Plaza, sunning Plaza, five fork big turntable, 54 West Road, Kunlun avenue…… Even Japan, many people found that the city’s 13 main roads and two square green belt wrapped in a layer of green, a green city to become the beautiful scenery. And these are just as green vegetation and winter wear "clothes"?

Zhilv to green streetscape renovation

I is located in Qinghai Tibetan Plateau, high altitude, low temperature, these external factors greatly restricts the city greening work. The reporter from the Municipal Bureau of forestry management of the green city learned that the net effect of paved road green belt plant is cold. In recent years, in order to enhance the urban landscape, rich urban greening, the city introduced a lot of new vegetation from the field. Such as Prunus cistena, Euonymus ball, box and so on, but the vegetation growth in Xining encountered winter weather on some timid". In order to be able to carry them through the winter in Xining, in recent years, the city has taken a series of measures to support the winter.

beautify the dust suppression network really big role

in addition to plant cold, green landscaping, city of dust has played a huge role. According to Chen Lixia introduction, before the advent of winter, the city on the city needs to plant, planting green belt soil replacement work. In order to effectively control the dust pollution of the loess, the garden Department of the city’s bare plots of dust filter 17 thousand square meters, plastic film covering 32 thousand square meters.

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