A series of reports on re employment action community community to help you find a job

37 year old Gao Huizhong found a satisfactory job under the help of the community; 32 year old fan Mei community residents in government support, the community’s help, get 30 thousand yuan loan, took the money, she began the entrepreneurial path. "The government’s policy, coupled with the support of the community, we are not afraid of any difficulties!"

2008, a total of 3443 Community Employment Network in Xining, there are real community employment of 27276 people, an increase of over the same period last year, 3146 people. Xining community service industry has become an important area of re employment.

to help the community residents employment, this newspaper today launched a series of reports on "employment" action · community employment, star emerged in the community employment report, community committees and offices, jointly organized recruitment and employment forum, invited experts to discuss employment employment problem, publish employment information, employment policy, together with us share with you the employment difficulty, to accompany you to find a job……

your employment story to say to us; you do not understand the relevant employment policy, we ask the experts to answer for you; you have any expertise, looking for a kind of work, you can contact us. Tel: 13997171527, 3975769


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