Close the door closed off cottage food industry and Commerce thorough investigation

Xining Railway Station, bus station staff mobility, unscrupulous traders took the opportunity to sell the "copycat" food, to ensure food safety in circulation, the business sector in Xining launched a dragnet inspection, to combat the "copycat" food.

Xining industrial and commercial departments have examined the Sanming market, Renjie grain and oil wholesale market, wholesale market, sea lake road bus station market, found a number of households and expired food, illegal operation of the Xining East Hill source liquor store sales of some eight tea, wine, food and other non production date. Xining East Tibet treasure business products sales of wolfberry Wang, ginseng fruit, 35 antler blood has expired. More than one in the east of the operating area of the family planning supplies store will be mixed with the sale of raw materials and food sales, but did not go through any formalities. Inspection, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers require operators to establish and improve the food purchase and sale ledger, the implementation of the commodity market filing system, the formation of operators, regulators, consumers of the three party linkage of food safety management chain.

to evade inspection, some unscrupulous businesses close the door. In this regard, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce administrative command center, said the person in charge, the focus of regulation, to verify the inspectors to escape, so that substandard food shelves, to ensure food safety 12315.



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