Datong County window units in the full implementation of the whereabouts of the notification system

to further change the style of work, and constantly improve the level of work fine in our county to serve the people and promote the effectiveness of the construction, implementation for the people, convenient and beneficial purposes, according to the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection requirements, my county in the county to the full implementation of the notification system of window units.

in order to make the full implementation of this work, my county careful deployment, careful arrangements, first issued a notice, clear content. Combined with the actual notice about carrying out the whereabouts of window units in the county issued a "information system" (Da Ji word 2012 No. 16), in direct organs and institutions serving the masses work window units; the township public service hall, county administrative service hall of the approval of all kinds of social and public relations closely; direct service to people, industry and other departments to fully implement the service window to inform system. Clear window units to set up to inform the board, to inform the card includes: staff name, position, whereabouts (in, out, meeting, travel, leave), telephone number, back to the unit time. Two is the strict leave system, increase accountability efforts. In accordance with their respective units leave system, examination and approval in strict accordance with the cadre management authority, who did not go to licensing, fill in the cadres to give informed criticism. Three is to strengthen supervision. In order to ensure the system in place, in the work after the critical point, especially for direct service to the people of the window position to carry out a thorough investigation, aiming at the problems found in the examination of the whereabouts of this card is not timely setting, work discipline lax, poor mental state, issued a rectification notification, requiring rectification.

up to now, our county in 20 townships public service hall, the county administrative service hall and the organs and institutions directly serve the masses work window units set up 289 block to inform the board, of which the township 88 block, 201 block of organs.

Through the implementation of

to inform the system, the institutions and the township service efficiency has been significantly improved, to solve the cadres off-site, string Kong, their problems, change the work style of cadres, make the service more convenient. At the same time, improve the trust of the masses of cadres, the relationship between cadres and the masses, effectively promote the effectiveness of the building.


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