Media exposure related departments thorough investigation of the construction site in Xining changed

since September, Xining City air pollution remediation work started, the joint inspection group of major construction sites composed of environmental protection, urban construction, urban management and other departments, proposed rectification requirements of dust pollution construction site, the newspaper also actively play a supervisory role of the mainstream media, the exposure of a group in the rectification of do the site. This newspaper has been exposed to the construction site now, and whether there is dust phenomenon?

October 12th, held in Xining, the construction site dust treatment site observation, and observe the location just selected in the newspaper had been exposed to the Qinghai Ge Sanghua biological Polytron Technologies Inc construction site.

the reporter saw at the construction site, Ge Sanghua biological Polytron Technologies Inc, several workers are holding a pipe exposed watering place in loess site, the bare land is covered with black dust cloth, to prevent the sand flying. Mud tank and the impression when pulling over the medium muck truck and dirty, the site also changed, because at the entrance to the site dedicated to the installation of automatic cleaning platform, a car passing through this platform, flushing hole bearing plate on the bottom of intensive Taiwan from different directions to the sprinkler the bottom of the car, sludge cleaning, tires and other parts of the body clean. According to reports, this is currently the only city in Xining using automatic cleaning engineering vehicle construction site.

company responsible person, "the dust control work has been" is the basic requirement of the construction unit construction company to examine one of the construction units due to approach more complicated personnel, there are still problems of muck car cover is not strict, appearance of car wheels without cleaning, not in the construction of road hardening, resulting in two times more dust serious. In a unit of the construction company for the muck truck transport earthwork too full, did not take any shelter, resulting in two road dust "is the first time after exposure, the company issued a letter of apology in the newspaper, apologized to the relevant units and individuals affected by this incident, and issued a rectification measures, ordered the construction the unit will be shut down for rectification, sediment transport units return to leave.

it is understood that in the rectification, Ge Sanghua biological Polytron Technologies Inc spend 220 thousand yuan to purchase a large sprinkler car every day, according to a frequency of 2 hours on the construction site and the site surrounding the two road, Tianjun Road, Nanjing Road sprinkler dust; spend 300 thousand yuan vehicle flushing platform at the construction site of concrete transport vehicles, construction vehicles and other large muck cars, provisions out of the site must be cleaned and the tire body, reduce the formation of road dust; and the purchase of a dustproof net of about 30 thousand square meters for the construction site, the construction area of the exposed area on the surface to surface coverage of dust dust network processing; this series of measures to effectively reduce the the site and the surrounding environment of the dust index. Now, the site has not seen dust, completely changed. (author: Yang Jian)

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