Love Shanghai search promotion after certification do one thing under cover of another



domestic business platform has many large and small, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, dangdang……. That anyone who dares to have a have a birthday anniversary, the other "birthday" firecrackers put more than his own. All in the "double eleven" and "6.18", you will receive a variety of bombing, website advertising, mobile phone text messages, and even micro-blog also show up each other "official accusation". Let’s talk about the results:

status about loveWe first love in Shanghai

the love of Shanghai, is not doing this for

users will become increasingly blurred all the value of the platform, said don’t know who is more awesome, and consciousness and the concept of price comparison for more and more light, many times you will find that the big promotion after the price is so low, so what did not change, "large" "None" the word is more and more attractive;

1. of the electricity supplier in Shanghai

said their search engine moves in the search for the promotion of the show, in the "certification" for the promotion of business means, by filling the "report" function, it is said that at present has covered more than 90% of the promotion of search results. Some people say that this is love in Shanghai to clean up their information search, optimize their search products, is in leather own life. But in fact it is not so simple, that is, in the leather "others" life, "people" who is this will be mentioned?.

merchant is bitter, especially relatively well-known brands, because their brand awareness and degree of benefit is the platform catch consumers "bait", so it’s not a big promotion, these big brands have a big injury, dare not? No traffic, no activities, no show, not all. So last year, double eleven electricity supplier brands of several electricity supplier exit Moumou platform information on micro-blog news, you may have heard. Because they don’t eat to fight each other between the platform and for their sacrifice.

the same as Google search engine eldest brother, in June last year, also made the same action, which launched the "Google business integrity" (a baby Trusted Stores) authentication services, and to the electricity supplier giant Amazon electricity supplier industry competition, it is also considered the first step for Google to enter the field of electricity supplier.

2. on the electricity supplier brand business survival status


love Shanghai $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 of the news recently is raged, because this acquisition could be redefined by several Internet bigwigs in the mobile Internet or pattern. But you don’t know what is love, Shanghai is relying on its own core product search engine, cloth with a re allocation of a larger flow of electricity bureau.

in the beginning is Taobao search shielding love Shanghai, refused to participate in the electric door, do not live Philharmonic tasted the sweetness, holding a maximum flow entrance,? How can

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