How to build a website search engine love content

with a pale to "how to build a website content users love", we know our website users love what content, how can we make our website better and show us the target users, and to achieve this effect, we need to have a good website ranking in the search engine, only a good ranking, website ranking, to facilitate users to better find the content you want to find and improve traffic to our website, one of the effective ways to improve the popularity of the website, so to achieve this kind of effect, we must first find out the search engine for web content what are some preference.


5, love Shanghai will provide different information collected site, if the site is the same, it can not show the form now.

3, Links, how a website chain pointing to some of the garbage sites, then the site will be some negative effects, so need to pay attention to.

1, the content of the website should be user oriented, is just an ordinary visitor search engine, users do not place any visible or deceive the user’s content, may be the search engine as cheating, will not get the user’s love.

create brighten and valuable content of this guide discusses the factors to influence the website. Let users see the content in the website after know what kind of content, and that is good, so as to better attract them to your website. For example, we can through blogs, social media services, electronic mail, forums or other way. Word of mouth can build our website credibility in the user and a baby two, and if there is no high quality content it is very difficult to do.


2, love love Shanghai more unique original content, if the website only collection content, it is not the favorite search engine.

4, carefully add the channel construction, content alliance cannot produce or produce very little original content of the plan, unless we can create original content for content alliance.

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: according to Shanghai’s official first love are given on the website content quality

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