t causes the 12 possibility and measures of Shanghai love right down a

the first step: the first thing you need to do is the optimal keyword sort, because we are still to get high rankings. Secondly, the site before the revision of article information temporarily retained, don’t immediately delete, which also can let the spider crawling. Again, each information page retain the original regularly and now links (the so-called law is not a plus, but slowly add a certain number of).

increase the high quality chain, this time is to love Shanghai to trust the site, and not just the familiar degree, increase the number of the chain is simply the increase in love Shanghai on the website of the familiar degree, increase the high quality the chain is to increase trust in the site of Shanghai love. A very familiar person may not be your most trusted people is a reason. Shanghai is the site for the love don’t trust or distrust caused by the right down, this time to increase his familiarity is not much use, that trust is the key to recovery. If someone doesn’t want to exchange links with you, you can buy some good quality links.

: a regular increase of the content of the website, in Shanghai on the recovery of the site’s content must be included before the original normal, do not collect. When a certain amount collected after (after the general website recommended more than 100 articles) can be collected and pseudo original.

website development to a certain extent, because cannot assume responsibility requires revision. "

Second step

: title, keywords, modify the title, due to description drop right

station is not afraid of the website ranking is not good, but spent great efforts to make up and be right down. No good rankings can be done slowly, but the drop right before your efforts and over again. This is like a bus station, and then sit back. The most fearful thing doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future, the event is the need to pay attention to how to solve. The cause of the site right down to N, but the most common is that, in the webmaster circle MOPA for six years, the number of some small accumulation, also encountered a variety of drop right, but every time relatively smooth recovery, to share, I hope useful for all of us:

The third step:

measures: since it is to modify the site three items, then certainly there is a modification of the truth, since the lower right is the key to recovery.

this point did not want to write, because every article on the right down the article will be referred to, but in order to complete the paper, or write about. This drop right is very typical, modify the site’s head three equivalent to the website information given name, as a professional international trade college, suddenly you let him go to study mechanical automation, he may be in the original professional, very cattle, but in new areas like a fool. But for the late development also had to learn.

second: website by right down

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