WeChat marketing will usher in the second spring webmaster

, there are 2 main routes, in addition to the obvious route, still go grassroots route. In the star of micro-blog fans continue to turn up at the same time, micro-blog also gradually grassroots has a lot of fans! Has a lot of fans of the grassroots micro-blog value generated here I do not speak.

1.: see nearby signature is a major feature of Tencent’s products, users can update their status at any time signature signature. Change the signature in a different location, this became mobile "gold advertising".

back to love Shanghai, tears

a few years ago love Shanghai search engine optimization is relatively easy, just how to do can have very good rankings. But at the end of the world 2012 love Shanghai several big update, let the webmaster ah Shanghai Longfeng optimization unable to resist sustain the blows, the road gets narrower, more walk more black.


for the rise in 2009, the 2012 outbreak of the micro-blog marketing, you could feel her strong explosive force

marketing, second spring

Every dog has its day. As a 80 stationmaster, experienced 2003-2010 love unlimited scenery Shanghai search ranking, experience 2011-2012 years micro-blog marketing hot degree, finally ushered in the spring of second — 2013 webmaster WeChat marketing.

?When Sina launched micro-blog micro-blog

22-28 June 2012, love Shanghai for low quality sites, 5% sites have been affected, and quite a wide range. In August 22, 2012, Shanghai love penalty for random sampling, hyperlink cheating site, 90% medical site is down right. October 23, 2012 love Shanghai for the chain to take measures. In February 19, 2013, Shanghai green love algorithm introduced, trading links suffered punishment.

as the "two rich generation" Tencent’s, less than two years, by the end of January 15, 2013 has reached 300 million users. With the number of users so amazing, many businesses and marketers are hoping to find the most appropriate way and WeChat interactive marketing. I found mainly in the use of the following functions:

huge profits and monopoly, has caused the official Sina attention, the official began vigorously to combat. Sina micro-blog from the official statistics, micro-blog users have been a period of rapid development, and the loss amount began to increase. From the point of long-term development, the road will be blocked micro-blog marketing official, or raise the threshold.

many webmaster confused and Scindapsus algorithm after the promotion, how do we do that?


: 2. bottles bottles on WeChat in QQ mail >


marketing, end

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