On the Chinese hacking of foreign government websites

but as Internet technology has no end, combat hackers initiatives must also change rapidly, the so-called "the man", the hacker technology has been far from a few years ago that "


hacker has formed the industrial chain

it is undeniable that the public security organs to combat hackers got some achievements, but also do a lot of cases, the early time for deterring cyber crime did some contributions.

recently, some foreign media have reported that the United States, Germany, Britain, the French government department’s website after another by hackers, and a number of foreign media reported that hackers "from China", or even "China military". In this regard, China Foreign Ministry spokesman denied.

is more rigorous in the network, many hackers crash software and training operation, hackers getting lower and lower threshold, "the hacker software has been a fool, only hundreds of yuan can acquire and master, using these basic intrusion techniques, and with the help of vulnerability scanning tools can be downloaded online with the ten can invade the site of a hacking one night.

the man

coincidentally, one thing happened today let me on the "Chinese hacking of foreign government websites" news has some experience personally. As usual at night to sleep late, I sleep late in the weekend morning, I woke up at 11, after the Internet found that the server being ARP attacks, a reader mail me yesterday night at midnight when all the pages of the site have been tampered with, the head joined the Trojan virus, this is definitely the ARP attack caused. As a result of all my website is linked to 11 hours of Trojan, call IDC and they even do not know who is in the ARP attack.

in the face of increasingly frenzied hacking industry, our government and public security officers and do some

I remember it seems it is not the first time ARP, previously installed a software called antiarp, after the cancellation will be installed, each blue screen, had to uninstall it, but after unloading is old people ARP attack me for hacking this bad, actually there is no effective punishment methods and means, no wonder that foreign Chinese is "the hacker’s paradise".

, according to media reports, only in the first half of 2007, the mainland is China trojaned host IP is far more than last year, an increase of 21 times; the number of sites has been tampered with a 4 fold increase over the same period last year. The main purpose of these is to hacking tampering and theft of network game account, QQ account, bank passwords, qq COINS, and the hacker crime has completely formed a complete industrial chain, the trend of professional group, more and more obvious, there are on-line responsible for theft, is responsible for the network summary, downline responsible for online selling, responsible for training and introduction of hacker technology.

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