Website optimization theory and combining the actual need to perfect

second: the theory is reliable, practical

for the majority of science origin webmaster, for the understanding of theoretical knowledge is hard to digest it, are often rather much promotion to do outside the chain is not willing to go to some of the theoretical knowledge, and according to the owners understand, website optimization is not by theory, but their own actual combat. In fact, for this, the author think that the theory is also very important, no matter what the subject is born, should be after the first theory of actual combat, because only in the premise of theoretical support, it will be more easy to analyze the actual problems, rather than empty talk theory is useless, thought, importance to the combination of theory and actual. The author, the following share:

as the experts said, everything is the first question and answer, although each question can be more than one, but the problem is a natural method, because everyone thought different. For the website optimization, the optimization theory is to make yourself have a problem to solve, naturally there are so many problems to be solved, combat shows more meaningful. Because the best way to combat is to solve these problems, through the actual combat can make the theory more clear, also have certain effect to expand their knowledge, why have the practice of optimization, is the so-called master is innate? Of course not, optimize the master are to solve the various the problems by themselves, the problems encountered in the future can be easily resolved, this is the difference between master and general optimization, and this is through a series of combat, combat here, good for themselves and to display more theoretical knowledge of persuasion, such as a celebrity say a word with an unknown to the public who say the same effect, the influence of the former than the latter to certainly much stronger, because listeners will regard the former as combat Come to understand.

third: the theory of iron and steel is real! "

seen martial arts friends all know, a master is a unique sword, can be cut to break all the items. It is equipped with a unique natural sword scabbard. For the website optimization, the theory is that scabbard, although saw blade scabbard just put in ordinary people, basically no other effect. But for the heroes, can also be killed. Therefore, the same theoretical knowledge in the optimization also seems to play an important role in master. Fighting contest by more sword spell, then the actual is with rival combining method is the most, and it is practical to verify the theoretical knowledge of the data, make the theory more persuasive, so, anyway, the theory does not seem important in most of the owners, but no theoretical knowledge is impossible have a clear plan, then the actual will have no clue, today don’t know what to do to tomorrow.


is the answer!

: the first is the theory of combat is sharp sword scabbard,

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