WeChat index turned out to count the index tool unknown


in the search box input "WeChat index", "WeChat search index + content", or "content + WeChat search index, with your love. Then click on the bottom of the page to search out. In the search window at the top of the WeChat client, "WeChat search index", click "search" will be able to access and access.

simple, WeChat index is WeChat mobile terminal index analysis based on the data provided by WeChat official.

WeChat index can provide real-time monitoring of the social public opinion, Internet users understand the most social issues, the focus of attention in the event, the focus of public opinion and so on, the government and enterprises to carry out research on convenient public opinion, to form an effective response to public opinion.

is a key tool for tracking the heat, the integration of social data 900 million months active, according to the search and behavioral data, restore the dynamic index of 7 days, 30 days, 90 of the variation trend of a keyword.


data based on WeChat, WeChat index can help you see in WeChat keywords in the heat, the heat is only limited to WeChat search, and the number of public articles and open circle of friends by analyzing the formation of forwarding.

WeChat index BAT index finally got together, but we already know the love of Shanghai index and Google search data to the trends of this kind of data, in fact there are many many of you don’t think about the index: Micro index, Tencent index, Iqiyi index, Sogou Video Index and 360 index, even there is public comment popularity index…… Let phantom blog take you into a breakdown of those years index tools to accompany us through the unknown.

is very simple, just four words: direct search.

WeChat index

index? ?Analysis of

How to use WeChat

1, to capture the hot words, understand the trend of

index? What is the WeChat What is the source of the What is the application scenario of The on-line

recently, WeChat circle of friends and the network media is the WeChat index occupied, a moment like network raged like. However, today WeChat official propaganda "WeChat small program added six functions to individual developers open access" news also deal, industry Tencent have to guess a comprehensive layout of the mobile Internet market, WeChat comprehensive promotion of small procedures, to seize the mobile traffic entrance.

WeChat index

WeChat index integrates WeChat search and browsing behavior data, based on the analysis of massive data, can form a day, 7 days, 30 days and 90 days of "key words" dynamic index changes, easy to see the hot trend a word in a period of time and the new dynamic index.

2, monitoring public opinion trends, the formation of the research results of

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