Love Shanghai webmaster link submission tool using detailed methods


are as follows:

1, using the active push function will achieve what effect

two, automatic push

2) push sample and localized configuration

by pushing the state after the code and the field to determine whether the data successfully push.


3, how to view push feedback

1) status code is 200, said the successful push, may return the following fields. The following figure:

to discover: love Shanghai can shorten the crawler to find your site a new link time, so that the new page can be released for the first time by the love of Shanghai by


here in A5 and lost little reptile some time ago to write an article about the curl initiative to push to the webmaster friends: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20160817/681217.shtml



, a push

2, how to use the active push function

1) to web data push interface, enter the active push tool, will see the address of the token interface, token is composed of 16 strings English number combinations as shown below:

automatically push JS code is a lightweight link love Shanghai Webmaster Platform latest submission component, webmaster only will automatically push the JS code placed in the site every page in the source code, when the page.

love Shanghai webmaster currently offers four kinds of methods: submit links to push, push, automatic and manual sitemap submission, this article only used three kinds of methods.


Push failed examples of common

protection for the latest web site of the original content, using the active push function can quickly notice to love Shanghai, the content can be forwarded before being found in Shanghai love

2) status code is 4XX or 500, said the push failed, returned to fields. The following figure:

webmaster friends know the use of good Webmaster Platform link submission tool that can enhance your website in Shanghai love search engine included in the performance, the use of more reasonable collocation can play an unexpected effect, therefore "the little lost reptile gave you sort of a generic link submission method.

You can return to the

1, automatic push tool definition:

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