The new Google advertising test nternet users subscribe to mail advertisers pay vendors

Google official explained the new form of advertising works on the outside: users in the search for a brand keywords, Google will provide an option on the right side, let searchers choose to subscribe to the brand or manufacturer of commercial mail. Once users choose, the email address (i.e. Google user account) will be sent to advertisers, will receive mail users after marketing.


this product is called "Google mail subscription advertising". The United States Mail website recently detectedevidence, Google is testing, preliminary testing brands including Honda cars, the AWeber and Constant email marketing company Contact is also involved in the test.

It is reported that the United States

Beijing on December 30th news, according to foreign media reports, in the search keyword advertising AdWords service, Google began testing a new form of advertising, the search can easily search brand subscriptions are commercial messages, and advertising companies to pay extra.

users every subscription, advertisers will need extra to pay Google, the specific price is still unknown.

, a large number of email marketing company is interested in Google’s new service, are waiting for the official launch. (Jing Jin

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