Not the content of the website how to optimize

is the first to say, the reader said the tourist class or class ticket page, not content, not the content is dead.

usually travel website ticket page is static page specially generated, each of the city are to generate the corresponding page, sometimes more than one page. See these pages is not the user to view the ticket in the page from the home page, but these pages are crawling on the site.

is just a small part of the actual section, there are nearly 20 different companies, time on the page within the text of the flight information, capacity and many, but also a high correlation.

class ticket to refine the page, the search engine is in the front row or the travel website ticket page less see airline flight specific page. The tourism website ticket page also still has a lot of content, such as the Ctrip page:

the problem is this: the general description of more sites, if some Shanghai Longfeng knowledge plus good point, can easily make you want to go to the embedded keywords, but some websites can not, such as travel or aviation, the specific content of the page is a line of price, number, attention and so on, the content is basically dead, it is difficult to put the key word inside, and even hard to be a complete sentence, are: the number of requirements: 5 people like this, do you think such a situation how to balance the keyword?


tourism website, if only to list your business line number, price, attention, it does not content, do Shanghai dragon is very difficult. But the tourist sites are not to do so. Everyone to Ctrip, where to go, the hornet’s nest, Showtime, tuniu and so on tourism website look, profit model is the basic of selling tickets, hotels, tickets, route packages like, but all sites have lots of attractions, free travel Raiders, travel diary / car / photo sharing, local shopping / transportation / culture / delicacy and so on, they all the trouble to do what these do? Because it is related to the content needs of users, can be written too much. In fact, tourism is the most massive production of original content industry, not only city, destination attractions, a huge number, even with a different tourist attractions, also can write a completely different journey to.

is quite common for this kind of problems, go to the meeting when people often ask, sometimes seems not the same problem, the same problem is actually a variant: do not Shanghai dragon?


reader email asked a question:


if you have time, please help one or two; if the representative, see if you can on the blog, more specific description. Esteem it a favor。

Mr. Zac, hello. Always pay attention to your blog, benefit. I would like to ask you a question, do you think the problem is representative, it is sent to the blog

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