Study on the website and change your search engine traffic

5, if the site is search engine punishment so do not panic too much, as long as you keep the site updated, and the search engine included and continue to update, then wait a month there will be a basic change, site traffic from a downturn began to pick up, but the flow volume began to increase, but to update the website.

as a web site, the site’s current basic flow from two aspects, one is the search engine, the two is the webmaster itself brought about promotion of traffic, which brought the search engine traffic is relatively large, and occupies a very important position in the development of the site.

2, the website included second months earlier, fell in love with the sea will start to increase the frequency of updates, the content included the increase, but little traffic, traffic sources or from Google. And to the website second months later, love will begin to increase the flow of Shanghai, many web site keywords will be in front, the weight began to increase, while Google will enter a stage of this website content validation and cleaning cycle, in this stage, Google brought traffic will rise by switching to stable or falling, the site traffic Google will begin to decrease.

the above points is recent research results of the search engine optimization of the hope for you is to optimize the Webmaster Help, web site operators to provide services with the help of true and useful for the majority of Internet users, if your site is lying to you flow, then the above may not work.

1, Google than love Shanghai included a lot faster, the website is submitted to a search engine in a week after the release, Google began to normal included, the early collection is relatively small, but the basic variable will be updated every few days, and the content of the website will have more than 50% has beenincluded. At this stage the love of Shanghai is relatively silent, the home page was collected after two weeks of May the first update to a few basic flow, the first month in the website, traffic from Google, Google and flow more and more brought.

is the first submission to Admin5 please indicate the source address: 贵族宝贝china70>

4, the site was collected for fourth months, the website at this time to enter the two major search engines on the website of the observation period, the site is very dangerous, it is likely to enter the sandbox similar search engine what the site will accidentally kill, traffic will be significantly reduced, and even a lot of website optimization from 2000 to 200 IP, so this is dangerous.

loves Shanghai and Google included comparative analysis:

3, the website included third months, the site’s traffic continued to rise, the site traffic from Shanghai brought the basic love, Google this time according to your website content quality to judge whether to continue to bring you traffic, most cases are in decline, and love Shanghai brought traffic is doubling the emergence of.

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