The construction site should have meaningful value

Now the

to create an automatic transaction website is for the final customer, because the purpose of the website is to produce benefits for customers, with the increase in the number of network marketing and website production technology mature and the website, make a website is a very simple thing, but to make a website is not an automatic transaction a simple thing, it requires professional knowledge in many aspects. In addition to the development of design technology and basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, also need to do marketing psychology guidance, all the details are in place, an automatic transaction website to lay the foundation for.


website to make a company with the operation of the company meet the eye everywhere, the studio form, there are individual part-time job, no matter what kind of form, the customer is the most satisfactory results: do things with the least money. However, because many customers of the network is not very understand, so this requirement is not professional, and the site production is only subject to the customer rather than standing in the professional perspective to guide customers, therefore, make the website is almost morbid dead station, pretty useless, some good-looking no. Not to mention the marketing. So how to make an automatic transaction website allows customers to benefit from

framework and structure is again good, no good content is not good, so an automatic transaction website must also have a good copy. An irresistible powerful copy can not directly call transaction. The transaction can copy an article. The practice before writing, how to write a great sales letter. Web copywriting organization according to a certain order, a good copy of the equivalent and consumer inner dialogue, according to the principle of four digital typesetting principles, read minds and 10 were the hormones of writing. To write such a copy to sell a hypnotic effect.

how to make an automatic transaction website is suitable for sales for the purpose of the station, such as enterprises and electronic commerce station sales page, pure life blog exception, because this blog is not for sale, such as the Zhengzhou Shanghai Long Fengbo railway station; and the site is to guide the sales, such as what kind of diet pill effect and younaowang is to guide for the purpose of selling the station, this station is appropriate to follow certain principles, or your visitors will not accept the guide. In short, improve the turnover rate of the site factors in addition to advertising, customer service and logistics, the most important is the site itself, so increasingly high demands on the website, to make.

to make your website truly become your money machine, not just to find a company to develop a personal and you can, also need more professional knowledge of site planning and production, do not only lust cheap, to look at the results, a no effect of the site do not charge because, the operator of such a morbid station is wasting your time, not what website template fits, because of the different project site structure may be different, so make the site have the credibility and persuasion.

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