Analysis of document download website optimization details

download sites are generally lack of text content, basically is a lot of resource articles, each resource file becomes a download page, but also needs the resource file description text. As a kind of library site, nature is described in a library of contents of the text for example: the manager of the company’s speech, detailed description of the document, and the text is best original, there may be thousands of such a document library download site, so write up more trouble. But if there is no text, then a large number of page repeat degree is very high, or in each document download page to add a comment, but those comments content is estimated to have started to write their own, no one knows your website. If you go to find such a lot of files on the Internet, and then directly copy and paste, it is really easy, but the page quality is very poor, the inclusion and ranking are significantly negative.

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document download site also belongs to the file download site, such as in the optimization of the site do, need to pay attention to the details of where you are? Recently I saw such a site, following with the case analysis of the site how to do optimization, in fact, many places and other similar sites. What is not worthy of analysis. For example: site navigation, page code, keywords, of course there are also some places with other types of different sites. Good to see this site basic data included: Shanghai dragon 2180, trans 1380, domain name 1 years 21 days, love Shanghai weight 1, Google PR1. From the sea love weights of 1 can be roughly aware of this site traffic is not what I see is a keyword is ranked, therefore the optimization of this site is not ready, the specific details of what is the problem? The author summarizes as the following, you may have different opinions, can be published under review:

this site on each page will have a download button, the download link does not need to love the Shanghai spiders to crawl, but will not be love Shanghai included, so the need to link with nofollow. The Nofollw tag is not wasted page weight, but in general we will not go to the site to use, because not too many pages on small sites do not need to be included in those who love Shanghai, the business class site there are many pages need to set the Nofollw tag. It is worth noting that the weight of the Google nofollow page settings will not be flat, but can love Shanghai, such as the overall weight of a page is 5, there are 5 anchor text links on the page, then the proportion of each link share is 1. This site only need to add the nofollow download link, but the label and sometimes is not like we imagined, link weight does not fully transfer, according to our own idea to sum up, it must be used with caution.

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