Dances with wolves how to win in the competition in Shanghai Dragon

Most of the current

first, we must grasp the overall development of the whole industry and our website in the industry status, determine the scope of the website promotion, for our accurate positioning, determine the site of Shanghai dragon, and then determine the real competition and avoid unnecessary competition has great effect.

then, after determining the main competitors, we must be on the website main rival Shanghai Longfeng target and the Shanghai dragon means analysis of all-round strategic level and tactical level, through a variety of data (site location, domain name age, major search engines, the number of the chain, the chain, domain distribution and quality measures station, Shanghai dragon means, including keywords, keywords set heat landing page, keywords ranking, long tail keywords mining and estimate the flow rate, conversion rate, the final estimate) to form our own corresponding website of Shanghai Longfeng overall planning.

therefore, in some stressed the need to follow the tactics at the same time, we must further through the implementation of "follow the tactics" summed up the weaknesses of competitors, combined with their own characteristics, take you, I hit me, "I give priority to, effectively expand its own advantages, and strive in the search engine rankings better ranking Shanghai dragon strategy.

in Shanghai Longfeng planning implementation, according to the current situation of Shanghai dragon website homogenization of the fierce competition in the industry is very serious, the.

ER Shanghai dragon face competitors, the greater use of the following tactics: competitors where the hair of the chain, we will follow where; competitors do what keywords (we will follow the long tail keywords); competitors do what we will follow, this is not only too tired, too negative the initiative, but the effect is often not obvious. From a strategic point of view, more such methods can only reach to contain to each other – "even if the devil to Baishou, also can’t let it go easily".

in recent years, with the growing popularity of Shanghai dragon in the domestic industry, all walks of life website "thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fight off a single plank bridge", the search engine keywords ranking competition is fierce, so in this cruel competition keywords ranking, how can we finally beat the competition, to achieve their purpose?

, for example, a competitor is very strong, brand awareness, market share is high, the website ranking is very good, then we say that beyond the opponent is tell some fantastic tales. In the face of such competitors (even all competitors), we can get the "egg" recklessly. We must choose a good breakthrough, evasiveaction, based on their own advantages to the rival weakness, effective competition (such as the Shanghai dragon brand website on those vulnerable products, to adopt measures such as the Shanghai dragon; fully tap the strong brand website for those who have been left out of long tail keywords, Bishijiuxu). And strive to minimize the cost as much as possible to achieve, we must achieve the purpose of Shanghai dragon.

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