Shanghai Longfeng optimization article writing skills


1, the title title can be said to be a priority among priorities in an article, the title is included in the key word description. This is my definition, you must first contain the keywords in the title or section of the website, and if a sentence of description, not just a pile of words, can be a statement of truth, or the problem is put forward.

for the continuation of the content, also is our daily update column, we need to pay attention to the following contents:


Shanghai dragon article content operation can be divided into two categories: one is a one-time operation; what do you mean? Is that we add a content basically do not need to modify, such as our website in the company profile and contact us and other columns, these columns so some content basically is fixed. As a one-time the content to do comprehensive well, then there is no need to take care of. The second is the continuation of the operation, such as our list page in the list page need to modify the editor of a large number of articles, continuously updated content, and this is what we call the continuation of content operation.

, a content classification

3, the text content of the image display, play a supporting role. For it is also a kind of user demand, last note is the picture to do the ALT property, but not all the pictures to do the alt attribute, and the picture of the alt attribute to include the title of the content development described as a word, do not stack keywords.

Shanghai Dragon World prevailed in the past, such a sentence: content is king, the chain for the emperor. In recent years, the search engine is constantly changing, the role of the chain is not so important, but the content is king in this sentence, I personally think it is the same. Because of the role of search engines is the most consistent with the user search words or the answer to the user, so the content of high quality is the inevitable result of the search engine of love.

how to present website content quality? Today Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon blog to talk about Shanghai Longfeng writing skills? About Shanghai Longfeng essay writing skills is not difficult, just some trivial, you may not notice, or notice to forget there.


2, the text said, some say the word 200-500 to the best partner, here I correct, this is a one-sided view. We provide content to meet the needs of users, as long as to meet the needs of users, even if only 100 words can be. If you need to have a very detailed explanation of the topic, then the 2000 word is no problem. In addition, it is important to note that the content should be in line with the current column style, simply to put the news content on the "news" column, the content will be on the "Introduction" section, the product is placed in the common problems of "question and answer" section.

The picture is on the

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