Shanghai dragon industry has to turn over time in jeopardy

The fundamental purpose of the

is not what Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon itself is only a tool rather than an aim, in order to find the search engine better our website search engine, in order to reduce the burden of work which is the most fundamental purpose of Shanghai dragon. If you talk about reality, through the Shanghai dragon to get traffic from search engines, it should be established on the premise in our content to users really useful. The search engine spiders alone is a logic program, it can not determine its content quality, the quality of the product, this is its particularity. When a really to help users, carefully run website does not conform to the search engine spiders taste, we provide excellent content and product service allows users to search not to, then we want to do the Shanghai dragon to improve it, get good rankings, this is the most reasonable Shanghai dragon.

I am also an occupation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, Shanghai dragon development to this stage, individual and not much qualified to judge whether it is healthy, I can only talk about the situation and feel what I saw. When I take an ordinary user attitude turn point to open some web pages can be found, these are made or Shanghai Longfeng sites are trifles, site of the most fundamental problems are completely ignored, 51 exception emphasize the key word accumulation effect in the navigation bar, in the footer, without exception, in the title of the article in a row of keyword lists blunt.

Shanghai dragon also know how many SEC (Search Engine Cheat), search engine cheating can get faster more benefits, so Shanghai Longfeng begin to deteriorate, a large number of Shanghai dragon Er began to study all the time devoted to SEC, in this process, Shanghai dragon began to degenerate. Now by Shanghai dragon profit, make the brand stand apart from some known, few people do not cheat, do not search engine drill loopholes, not manufacturing spam. The search engine from the beginning of the boycott now basically are welcome to Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai is in good dragon to help him find better.

I have a rookie Shanghai dragon forum, spare time to help newcomers, yesterday a rookie into the group to ask me how to deceive the search engine, how to get the best effect of cheating, it makes me very shocked. He cut out a picture of very pleased with oneself: is a company profile picture, which piled up a 10 invisible anchor text, he proudly told me that love Shanghai has included this page, and then asked me whether there are other ways of cheating. I could not help but sad and unhappy, then a good scolding, it was very unpleasant. The Shanghai dragon absolutely not only such a rookie. There are a lot of rookie let me recommend Shanghai dragon master for them, they are willing to pay the master site to brush Alexa their ranking, it really means a lot? Is more of a boost in the practice, hang by a thread. How much you can see from these events some phenomena existing in Shanghai Longfeng industry.

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