SEMFLY share my three years of experience in Shanghai Dragon

when we optimize the website, we must first select a keyword, and successfully apply for the domain name, basically sequence divided into two kinds, and few people to pay attention to these two points, some friends will certainly feel that as long as the key effect, regardless of whether he has no human search, actually this is wrong, in when we choose keywords, we try to choose some meaningful and keywords attention, when it comes to meaningful words have a lot of friends will have doubt, so how to choose keywords meaningful? In every search engine will have a search engine index, for example, they will love Shanghai. There is a love Shanghai index query, can view the keyword index with this function, if more popular keywords, the index will be higher, if no keyword index, So that the search is still relatively small, the conversion rate will be very low, so in our choice of words, try to choose a keyword index and a website, Select >

, a pre order share the experience of

first introduce myself, I am a Shanghai Phoenix Contact Commissioner, Shanghai dragon has been three years, in these three years, I looked at the search engine changes, and follow the changes, make Shanghai Longfeng more and more people in the modern society, and is also a part of our lives in Shanghai dragon indispensable, Shanghai dragon can not only give us the opportunity to bring the business, but also brought us good character, when I tell people that I was doing three years of Shanghai dragon, some people always want me to share some experience, to be honest, not to say that the Shanghai dragon experience can be said to understand, we rely on usually to accumulate to understand, although it is difficult to say, but now there are still many people look down on Shanghai dragon, because they don’t feel what skill of Shanghai Dragon The content of a few days ago, a netizen with my QQ, he asked me the Shanghai dragon is very simple, I said to him the Shanghai dragon is not simple, and Shanghai dragon is not a day for two days, we need to do is unremittingly, this effect will be permanently retained, when I after that, the friends said Shanghai dragon is not to send post, after listening to tell the truth I want to have the urge to hit him, I was a calm attitude, I said to him: if you think of Shanghai Longfeng simple, then you have to give me a one hundred million of the amount collected in the rankings, and index 5000, you do I give you the money. He was silent, but now there are still some people still have some misunderstanding on the Shanghai dragon, because they think the Shanghai dragon is very simple, not what technical content, if you think so, so today I will tell you that you are wrong, say, a friend to me in doubt, it is to share Shanghai Longfeng experience, why in the end become the story, in fact, I will share the experience, but for these people to produce erroneous Shanghai dragon, I was Speechless extremely well do not say them, and everyone here to share some experience, experience is divided into four sections to share and before the sequence, the station outside the station and subsequent work.

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