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first in the mind of the random imagination and your site links, and put them in the specific written as soon as possible, this step is not difficult, but we need to improve it, enrich it. This time, we can go online to see colleagues is how to do, because their "battlefield" is that you have to face the same "battlefield", you can communicate with your partner (for example: Copy Editor), their opinions are very useful, because they write the content information. Pick the most make them look comfortable words.

Hello, I am Shanghai dragon new Beckham, now spend a little time to learn Shanghai dragon, and we hope to work together to progress. Before A5 successfully published 2 personal opinion, response to different, the first "Shanghai dragon natural search engine ranking factors" compared to the second "Shanghai dragon optimization design of the first essentials share" to welcome more. I think the reason, most likely should be compared to follow the prescribed order step by step implementation, it is generally more love can fastest purpose or more direct and effective content. But people still feel that the task of learning knowledge, including Shanghai Longfeng optimization, should step by step, step by step.

through enumerating the before work, we now have the keyword has many, also very miscellaneous. So this time, should learn to choose. It can be selected from the following aspects.

not to say nonsense, immediately enter the theme. You mentioned the most important promotion in Shanghai Longfeng factors, I think the answer may be highly concentrated in the same up: "select keywords", select the key word is the core of the whole process of optimization. Some of the key words called "key phrases, keyword phrases or words, actually have a point.

1. keyword popularity: simply, this is the key word is generally will go to search words, if relatively unpopular, then you should not hesitate to remove.

Association of Key words:

listAll out of vocabulary

2. website: relevance and its website is always important, even if a keyword popularity high, bring more visitors, but your products and the expectations of the visitors are relatively large, the natural transformation is not high.

Keyword: The

3. is the most profitable: that is, the key word for you, can best embody the value of. For example, it may not be particularly popular, but at the same time and your site is very appropriate, so visitors can be in your network.

keyword will become an important part of every webmaster website information, writer will they carefully arrangement, in each page in the information to you, of course, but also to ensure the relevance and content of your site should be high enough to get better conversion rate.


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