Strengthen the personalized construction to enhance the optimization effect analysis of Shanghai Dra

first, create personalized keywords. The construction of a web site cannot do without the choice of keywords, keywords and website is a one-to-one correspondence between the keywords, personalized, will transfer to the personalization of the website. But here is the need to pay attention to, and does not require unique personalized keywords on the Internet, this is not conducive to the user’s search. In fact, the fundamental factor is the choice of keywords with the potential needs of users, so as to avoid the keywords and already appeared the user needs to produce fierce competition.

is now the website on the Internet and a large number of sites beyond count, are constructed by site program, which makes many websites showing consistent features, which is particularly reflected in many of the local community portal type website, even through a station program, completed on the website of the agent in many areas however, whether it is from the template or function has consistent characteristics.

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second, website structure and content personalization. The website structure for a lot of free station program, which is personalized theme template, usually choose a personalized theme template can effectively solve the problem of homogenization on the Internet website, also can effectively improve their website personalized. Of course, these personalized theme template usually ask professional designers to write, if the webmaster person has a certain degree of technical knowledge, it can also modify the architecture for free through the self station program provides the interface, so as to enhance the personalized property website.

so how to create personalized website, enhance the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon? I think this can be from the following two aspects to highlight.

, another is the page content personalization, which is also a key element of personalized website. The contents of the personalized and personalized keywords have similarities, in addition to the content >

for example, we are ready to do a advertising design type of website, and relates to the type of advertising design also includes the expressway advertising and outdoor advertising and other forms, so our country in the design of such keyword advertising, need to combine the needs of potential users, such as highway advertising such words often present the degree of competition poor, but with the continuous development of the highway in our country, this type of advertising has great development stage, so the choice of keywords has potential, often can reflect the personalized web site.

appeared on the Internet this form is similar to that of similar sites, aesthetic fatigue which will cause the user, but also makes the love of spiders in Shanghai feel bored. Love from Shanghai search point of view, its essence is to provide users with fresh content and to help users. Or to let the user feel and enjoy the beauty of the novel is content. So if your web site personalization is not prominent, it is easy to cause the optimization effect is poor, likely extremely low profitability.

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