The directory of the web site were analyzed to ban love Shanghai

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in early 2014, there are many webmaster have received such a love of Shanghai reminded, as above, my blog in two months to be reminded of two times. Since so many websites have suggested that robots document, then it must be love Shanghai official algorithm adjustment caused by the fluctuation, and not so much robots files at the same time there is a problem.

some of the usual carefully novice webmaster may be in the group, or Shanghai dragon forum all help, hope to have people to "solve" the problem, and give a reply is usually said to check the robots.txt file, but did not check out the reason, and then listen to some robots.txt files deleted! (this is I in a group to see, at that time I was oh)

at first glance this official reminder, began to worry, is not what the website is a problem. Of course, we first thought is the site of the robots.txt document is really malicious modification.

love Shanghai update algorithm and lead to a miscarriage of justice, so we don’t care, as long as our robots file does not ban Shanghai

Many novice

: open the love Shanghai Webmaster Platform find "website analysis", such as map enter the URL, click the "

in +

algorithm at the end of last year, a lot of updates, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also gave the corresponding tips, Webmaster Platform that remind you to keep calm, we will usually be such a phenomenon called "love Shanghai exhaust".


as a webmaster should know your website, rather than what they say is what, take the robots file, robots file since the site itself is not the problem, but also love Shanghai official did not inform the robots algorithm update, then we should have a general understanding of this situation, not blind to change here. Instead there, even to be changed, it should also find the problem.

" test

Since this is a In fact, In fact, love Shanghai

we can see the contents of the robots file we love Shanghai and update time, love Shanghai has banned after the prompt, update time is "love Shanghai", in fact, no record of it is not.





is not to interfere, so we can manually update the robots file, let love Shanghai to our index robots.

found many friends, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform "directory website It is without rhyme or reason. hint of love were banned in Shanghai".


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