The use of Tencent and love Shanghai traffic doubled

second: love Shanghai. Coincidentally, Shanghai and Tencent are actually similar, but love Shanghai products more rich, we can use the Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai library to promote our website and products. Love Shanghai space just began to try not to send advertising, although the Internet ads all over the place, but you’ll have to get a long-term clients, in one aspect you will rise above the common herd in this area so hard, accumulate a group of loyal fans, many fans, but also afraid not sell products? If you can cultivate a loyal fans, so he (she) will tell his friends, his friends will also have friends, this is a big mouth marketing potential. Shanghai know love can also get traffic, before I answer a question if accepted generally every day can come to 1-2 IP, but when you ask the question of hundreds of thousands of times, how many

The first point: Tencent ?

Shanghai dragon wants to flow, but how to get traffic, in addition to the target keywords and long tail keywords bring traffic, there are other ways to improve the site traffic? The answer is yes. Out of the search engine, we can also get traffic through many other ways. This article mainly discusses how to use the Tencent for everyone and love Shanghai traffic doubled.

the purpose of this article is to discuss with their peers in the industry development of Shanghai dragon.

. You may say how likely Tencent listed companies for small business promotion? I believe that this is certainly not. But we can use a variety of products to achieve the Tencent. Now the Tencent products already beyond count. We all know that Search ask, QQ space, QQ group, QQ mail, and even the recent fire QQ bottles. So how do we use it, first must choose Search ask the problem hot degree remarkable in the professional problem, we try to answer carefully, after helping the user to solve the problem of the information we leave. This is growing, customer base will slowly get accumulation. We are not familiar with the QQ space. In life, a lot of good articles or video are the QQ widely reproduced in you, then we will take the form of promotion. Find a good idea or making funny video and additional information on our own will bring the unexpected harvest. If you are professional enough, do some practical tutorial on your space will make the reprint rate is greatly improved, the invisible to the site to bring a lot of traffic.

well, for today first discuss these two aspects. These are my own doing, insist on the. As long as you are diligent enough, so the flow is hard enough. Want to make a good website traffic, sometimes the most traditional of the most stupid way to do if crazy tend to be the most efficient way. Of course, the Internet is changing, there are a lot of good to be familiar but I don’t know, I hope everyone can exchange, share their experiences.

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