The seven leading killer website down right

! website optimizationOptimization of

4 site to drop right; website is a very serious problem, if the slightest mistake, it is the night back to before liberation. If you just change the template, plate change, the original path has not changed, the lower right is not very serious, for a period of time will be restored. If the program is changed (e.g., reinstall the program WP program into Dede), URL path changes, the lower right is more serious. URL once the change will lead to a lot of dead link should be 301, 404 error pages, robots shielding to reduce the intensity of search engine drop right.


space; if the space is often not open, open very slowly or in some places can be opened, some places not open (need to analyze IIS log spider fear from the beginning of the 5 status code is

3, the station is over; over optimized novice Shanghai dragon Er friends often make mistakes, the station can only be counterproductive over spoil things by excessive enthusiasm! Optimization mainly placed too many keywords, in the title and meta tags in the back chain number too much, deliberately adjusting keyword density

1, the stability of

7, the chain fell; the chain is the main cause of the direct loss of a large number of keywords ranking drop, the chain lost the general performance rate is higher in the forum signature, and some links to the total mass of the chain. So we in the chain must be diversity and persistence of

5, outbound links in the fall right; export link implicated mainly in Links, refers to other websites linked to their own to be right down, so when your site when first to check to see if Links found, was implicated as being involved, immediately contact each other temporarily removed the other links other site recovery plus.

site is down right a lot of new Adsense often meet the problem, when we find our site may be reduced when it is, we need to calm observation. Cause analysis of website drop right. Don’t rush around Xunyi, one asked. This is no effect, their own it is the understanding of the website. So we have to understand what factors will lead to the site to drop right, combined with the recent 2- around the operation analysis summarizes the common causes of the wolf! Bo right down the website are the following:


concluded that the above points are the main reasons causing the site to drop right, in addition to these, there are some other factors such as frequent repair of the site title, JS to deceive, hidden links, hidden.


2, spam right down; website has a large number of acquisition, reprint, false original and irrelevant content is taboo

6, too much garbage garbage link; link mainly refers to the bulk of the mass links, buy black chain. In order to avoid being judged as search engine spam links, we have to remember a word –

The revision of the

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