On the effect of the chain increased four ways of great

has seen many kinds of increase in the chain, he summarized some common and uncommon, there are many ways, we have forgotten, may be only one or two, however, this article is to write your own recent summary of the chain way, say, there will be a new friend that? There are many outside the chain, for its one or two, then carry forward, on the line, I think here is a summary of the effect of 4 kinds of the most common best chain release way.

four: the activities of the organization on organizational activities, for example in A5 to see the activities of the forum, this year has organized a 2 essay contest, participate in activities, can be used as a sponsor, each contestant on the bottom of some entries link information, and A5’s appeal, but also a lot of people in this way, the effect is also greatly increase the chain, this way is the most meaningful, regardless of these articles is placed on the A5 forum or website is the original article, but also can.

: linkbait, in fact I think last year about linkbait, excellent competition, Xiaohan do greatly strong, he created a WordPress template, first of all, this template is very beautiful, I saw the very heart, home very refreshing, at first glance, you want to change your blog theme, oh, this is a way at the bottom on a "Design by Xiaohan", and so on, the anchor text, then generally every download template will be put on this one link, this is a good way to make a very excellent website template, and then posted online, add the following copyright information, link bait, than is the strength, also improve the website weights maximization.

two: soft writing, writing about soft, soft, no matter now is placed in A5 or Chinaz are very affordable, and Properties comparison, then submitted the reproduced huge efforts listed in A5, the amount of information A5 is the largest, soft, than is the ability of a long. The article put up, play is the strong communication ability, a pass ten, ten pass 100 power, and well written, but also into the love Shanghai news, expand the propaganda ability and influence.

three: blog blog on the sprocket, sprocket, is the blog in the major portals, and then maintain the blog is updated every day, and then improve the weights of the blog, and then through the weight transfer, increase the weight of the main station, and the manual maintenance of the blog is the best, is the chance of K manual maintenance is relatively low, the blog is the most effort, so, if the blog sprocket has been used, the effect is huge, but also to maximize the flow, blog is a chain need to stick to the post, and the Shanghai dragon also need a little bit up, this way is said simple, but it is the most troublesome, so this way is also belong to the chain one of the winning ways.

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