Love Shanghai health about on line business to catch a ride

3. power consumption promotion: since 2012, ROI reduced, flow trend weakness, a slowdown in revenue growth, through the new drainage and realized the way to enhance the consumption competitiveness.

of course, love Shanghai health on the line, is also a way to try to promote Shanghai’s bridge of love.

1. market pressure: the market environment is complex, increased competition, keep the search for the promotion of the position of industry leader.

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these days the SEM exchange group, in the discussion of love Shanghai health is the line of the topic, there is news that the medical industry will upgrade the new love Shanghai health platform in July 8th, later medical advertising will mainly show in the health platform. (the following screenshot unconfirmed, for reference only!)

, love Shanghai health specific on-line time, self bidding network has not been confirmed by the local customer service. But from the official "love Shanghai health products _ manual self -20130628.pptx download" SkyDrive bidding, in the promotion will show in the form of a big change, but this change is likely to increase the cost of investment and competition in the health care industry.



is now the medical industry, the use of advisory tools, most should still be in business, after all, business statistics and the stability of the product is better than the love Shanghai bridge.


don’t know, business team to see this information, will feel.

focuses on the third, Shanghai health love show in the form of increased traffic, so as to enhance the overall cost of medical industry.


2. company strategy: traditional style can not meet customer delivery demand, through the optimization of key industries, bring to enhance the value of drainage.


but the love Shanghai health line, may change the pattern of. The three part from the submitted on-line, love Shanghai health system quality, evaluation system for Shanghai’s late love bridge have made mandatory provisions:

in the product manual strategic significance is introduced in the following three points:

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