How to optimize the website page


page tag tag optimization, many webmaster said tag tag is not to be found with the engine take up, in fact, is mainly for users of tag tags, the tag tag will make no pages to find target users more quickly find the relevant page, is very effective to reduce the site out rate.

broad sense, namely from the site outside the site pages is the site of all page outside of the page is not in addition to, so long as the website is the website page does not exist, what section of the page, the page topic related concept.


on the website page is optimized, actually complex, that simple, mainly depends on your perspective from which to analyze and treat. Here the author from the simple level of the inside pages of the web site optimization is divided into to two blocks, namely product page optimization and the optimization.

analysis, this article the author is simple to share pages optimized for narrow sense.

in the main page for page label optimization, tag optimization is mainly for H tags and B tags, here I want to say the H label is mainly used to search engine positioning, which is mainly aimed at the user’s bold tag. The site H1 tags can appear only once, because the page is only one theme, with the other H tags must have H1 tags, note that the inverse proposition is processing; for bold label, a page in either product page or article page for the same keywords only thick first.

in a narrow sense, namely from the site of the internal analysis of the website can be divided into the web page, column page, project page, the inside pages, so the most deep page said here is the site of the website page.

may attract users is not a web page, but I want to say is to keep the user’s page, if the site is in Pyramid, so the inside pages of the site is at the bottom of the tower, as the base ranking website, I want to say in the pages of the web site optimization is very important.

page header tags optimization, page label head is mainly for the page title, keywords and description of optimization settings, whether it is for a product page or article page, as long as the website page too much of the station is not recommended to use keywords and description tags, basically a good location in the page title after all what can be solved by the principle of word segmentation.

web page optimization points

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page page optimization, regardless of the product or the relevant page >

page alt attribute optimization, the article page picture alt attribute not all throughout, should be targeted and correlation; alt attribute for product page product images as product brand, set up the basic model of product attributes, but also not too long to seize the key in the ALT property is set, for the other major product information in product images below with the appropriate anchor text display.

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