How to use beautiful wind to promote Taobao customers site traffic

this is a word although not much of the conversion rate, but we know that the user searches for the word’s purchase intention is very high, the conversion rate will be good. Just a beautiful said the information can be ranked third, Shanghai love to know.

there are several points we need to pay attention to the details. Beautiful photo sharing is not fill in the title option, general title is the beginning part of our direct call. So when we write the description to the front of our keywords in, so that we can be called the title keywords. At the same time the key words don’t stack, because it is easy to cause off, lead content is deleted. At the same time also allows users to read, in order to effectively improve the conversion rate.

so how effective? This estimate is the most concerned problem. I can only say that the It differs from man to man.. The author for example, as shown below, I search the long tail keywords: "young people increased lycopene soft capsule", we see the search results, ranked third, is located in Shanghai that is under the love of a release in the beautiful guest information on Taobao said.

method is very simple, so we can turn the chain. In our beautiful said after landing, we can click the "share" button will enter the page as shown below.

above we see love Shanghai weight reached 8, the effect of the chain must be good. But in the beautiful doing site promotion must have had cold-shoulder treatment, because in that beautiful above is not to share information on the link. Indeed, because of the beautiful said the business model itself is similar to Taobao customers. It is not directly linked. Then we have what method?


some Adsense said today Taobao guest has become more and more difficult to make money, promotion channels tend to be outdated, some widely used methods are often difficult to obtain good results. But as the saying goes: life is not a lack of beauty, is the lack of eyes to find beauty. Is not a lack of promotion channels, the lack of just found a pair of eyes. Today I will share promotion he found our Taobao customer channels: beauty.



This is not

we choose to share the baby, but choose to share pictures. Then just upload a picture we want to promote the products. When describing the picture of the introduction, we can put our guest link in Taobao.

is a very beautiful domestic famous social e-commerce website. The main users are female, traffic is very large. At the same time, we can see the overall situation of the site. As shown below, we can see that the weight is very high, it is suitable for us to do the site promotion channel.


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