Site traffic disappeared to be traced in order to win the new

, a good location of their website

site traffic, with the rapid development of Internet, has become a key factor in the survival of the website, you can not only keep every day dozens of traffic to your website can bring profits, while the conversion rate of flow is also very important, but the most fundamental thing is to get to the traffic, otherwise would not be so anxious to invest in Alibaba Sina micro-blog occupy the social media traffic entrance, will not invest heavily in advertising in the love sea, even love Shanghai in disguise to enhance their traffic, or to occupy a better market rate, thus site traffic for the site of the survival has played a crucial role.


but now some websites on the Internet very strange, website traffic business for some time after the website, falling instead of rising, such as the 360 search engine from the outset to get more than 16% of the market share, but after a period of competition, market share fell sharply this is illustrated by the fact that if the site does not do a good job of operation, then the site traffic would disappear, so in order to increase traffic, it should pay attention to the flow of loyalty, so I think to do the following things, is to help prevent traffic away.

website is like a person’s skin and flesh, if not full that is obviously not able to attract the attention of others. While the content is on behalf of a person is honest, if often lie, cheat, how to win the trust of others, will be a long time to become the Regal isolationist. That is to say the content of the website is often of fake and inferior products of propaganda, hearsay and rumor concentrated divergence, so in the course of time. The user would not pay attention to the content of your website. So the original some attention to your site traffic, will slowly become less.

many webmaster in site before operation, hoping to be able to cover more users, a community web site to cover all aspects of life, seem to be able to bring more users to the site, but often let the webmaster distracted, resulting in what traffic is not caught, so I think the modern website to survive precise service more segments of the market, as an opportunity to develop new elements, like the march to war, there must be a base, if not to, how to get the most basic food to continue to attack new territory! Of course, but should pay attention to a mistake in the subdivision, is the market volume of users is very low, so even if the website operation very carefully, so you want to be successful is extremely difficult.

two, website content to be true and wonderful

In addition to the real

web content, it will be wonderful, wonderful has two connotations, one is the content of the original, the other one is interesting content. The content of the website of modern light to the original, although the spiders can satisfy the appetite, but it can’t satisfy people’s appetite, after all, people’s needs and the needs of the spider still exists "

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