Shanghai dragon at the beginning of a feeling

Shanghai, as an emerging industry has become popular, many IT professionals ready to step into the choice, but many practitioners, how many people can really take this industry to do so, and the specific work contents and meaning of how to really understand Shanghai dragon

I have two months will be the end of university life, just a few weeks ago, I was still in a job on the road bumps, to countless interviews, the results do not say we may be able to guess, I think the company is not low wages do not feel competent, experienced in many run, I deeply reflect on, think graduates are often the psychological, also did not graduate to find a future free fantasy, but the reality which would be so, before graduation can only find a steadfast work is steadfast, etc. you are qualified, have the ability, you will find "the future." work. Well, these are the words before, not to say. The development of the site must be a long process, quick success is bound to make website malnutrition, if you want to become a qualified Shanghai dragon and we rely on is bound to be opportunistic, true skill and genuine knowledge, you should not do this industry in Shanghai dragon.


contact Shanghai Longfeng near the industry, can say now, I still do not know how to be a qualified Shanghai dragon, only mechanical every day in each big let, the B2B C2C website issued some repetitive content, really boring, posted back to more than about the complex. Understanding of Shanghai dragon. The main purpose is to hold a brick to attract jade, if inappropriate, please paizhuan.

then the author lists some of the difficulties some just contact Shanghai Longfeng period, together with some suggestions, this is wrong, but also look great.

two, no high weight account. Some just apply, some people will blog, links, and then you go to his blog space and see, all sharing website advertising, so the effect is equal to 0, are not included in your site search these useless information. The author built.

, a website and post no content, it is meaningless to Shanghai dragon, and if all is not related to some topics and content, to the client and search engine judgment which of course is not a good website, only good content to retain customers to win the popular search engine. Perhaps this is a common problem for many beginners, posts and articles published on the Internet, just to link, in order to obtain web traffic, to publish the contents and characters, little attention to heap heap keyword. If so, even if the Internet everywhere you release information, but who is willing to go to see? And administrators will not allow this content exist. I suggest beginners do not publish only link anchor text links, although some forum or website has such function, also with as little as possible, first the content rich, attracted the attention of people, so that people will click on the link to join.

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